The North American Submarine Cable Association, or NASCA, is a non-profit organization of companies that own, install or maintain submarine telecommunications cables in the waters of North America. NASCA serves as a forum for its membership to provide and exchange information on technical, legal, and policy issues of common interest. These issues include standards and procedures for government approval of new cable installations; working relationships with other marine industries; and public education about such cables. NASCA was formed in October 2000. NASCA is seeking IRS recognition as a non-profit trade association and business league under section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code.


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NASCA Support Spatial Separation

August 1, 2013


NASCA, with the goal of ensuring the compatible use of coastal waters among stakeholders invested in marine infrastructure development, endorses the adoption and application of the Subsea Cables United Kingdom Guideline No. 6, “ The Proximity of Offshore Renewable Energy Installations & Submarine Cable Infrastructure in UK Waters” by the US regulatory agencies to all offshore renewable energy projects, including wind, tidal, and wave projects.  Guideline No. 6, developed primarily for offshore wind infrastructure, describes basic principles for determining safe proximity distances and negotiating proximity agreements that can be applied equally well to tidal and wave energy projects. Guideline No. 6, and its underlying principles, should be followed for all projects, until such time that guidelines specific to wave and tidal energy infrastructure are developed by the industry.

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